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    Help! Ez battery max MAH

    Hey guys, I built the Ez mini mini Guinea for the ez pack. The 150 mah battery on the ez pack provides me with about 5 minutes Of fun before it can’t gain any altitude. What is about the maximum mah I can buy with a battery before it turns into a science project?
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    Noob charging question

    This is probably obvious to everyone except me. When I charge a lipo there is a readout of mah. My question is, Is this a measure of the mah that was put back into the pack or is this telling me that this is what is left in the pack. If it has 485 or something else, is that what the charger put...
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    LED power usage calculations- am I doing this correctly?

    Hi, I am running a electrohub quad with a 3s 2200 mah battery setup. I added strip LED's to the arms for perspective and to play at night. I think I figured the power usage of the LD's correctly but can someone back me up? The LED's are advertised at 4.8 watts/meter. I have .81 meter (81 cm)...