march madness

  1. Daniel Kezar

    FTFC March Madness Daniel Kezar - FT Simple Soarer (no motor) paint and glide over 1m

    Hello, Hello! Welcome to the thread where I, Daniel, will be completing my Simple Soarer for FTFC March Madness! My goals are as follows, to get it flight ready with good CG and such, make it waterproof, make it look purdy (paint), and finally, to glide it for over one minute. I think...
  2. FoamyDM


    MARCH MADNESS CHALLENGE: Finish one of your in-active build logs you started and dropped over a month ago. Goal of the Challenge: To pick up that dropped ball and turn it into a slam dunk by finishing up an idle project and turning it into a complete build thread and to enrich the FT community...