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mavic pro

  1. Glen F Mills

    DJI mavic pro battery issues please help

    I can not fly my Mavic pro drone because of the battery issue. It's only 4 months but now I got it only 10mintues backup! I don't know why? Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Waterproofing Advise

    Hey guys/gals, I have a Mavic Pro that I want to do some videoing over water areas. In the slight chance that it would come into contact with the water, I want it to be able to survive the possibility. Does anyone have some advise for me or has anyone waterproofed their Mavic? I'm pretty sure...
  3. H

    Flying DJI Mavic Pro while riding Electric Unicycles

    We love riding our electric unicycles and fly Mavic Pro so what better combination than taking them both to the MAX at a local airfield. It was a strong wind 10-12m/s så the Mavic Pro was struggling at times. It was a super trip with fantastic weather, despite I managed to get a drone injury...