1. bwarz

    BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

    bwarz submitted a new resource: BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan - An involved build with prototype lines and some nice details! Oh yea - she flies quite nicely, too! Read more about this resource...
  2. 334500_af2f121c1fcc183c5a497d12e9c381af.jpg


    New test fuselage for my 109
  3. GrizWiz

    Mini MS BF-109F

    Plans Have Been FINISHED!!! Goes together quite easily! You can put servos in the wing for better access or in the fuselage because there is LOADS of space!!! The nose hatch will be updated sometime later to be 4 different pieces so you don't have to cut the skins according to formers yourself...