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  2. ajit.mahajan

    Help! Mig3 - Specs for Motor and Propeller

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and even in the RC Plane world. I just finished building my Mig3 in India. I had to buy parts separately. I need help in choosing the correct parts. I tried my first flight with 1000KV Motor, 1000 mah 3S battery and 10X3.8 propeller. However looks like the...
  3. StatiK RC

    I fell in love with the FT MIG-3

    I built the FT Mig-3 at Flite Fest 2018 and had a blast flying the thing in combat. I had so much fun that I popped the electronics into a new frame as soon as I got home to make a review and show why this plane deserves to be in everyone's hangar. I even tried to destroy it, but it looks like I...