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mighty mini's

  1. "Corpse"

    Should I?

    Ok, so @The Hangar and I were hanging out a while back, and we traded a few motors. Long story short he gave me my motor back attached to a power pack a firewall. This kinda put a grin on my face. I had the ludicrous idea of putting power pack C electronics in something super small like a mini...
  2. The Alpine Ace

    Opinions and Suggestions on FliteTests new mini FPV System

    I really liked the new Mini FPV system that FliteTests put on their Induxtrix and Nano qx, And even though their out of stock I can't wait to get one. But I have a few concerns... 1. Durability: Whats your experience with its survivabii? 2. Range: I would like to put in on some new Mighty Mini's...