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mini scout canopy

  1. AgentC

    Part Mini Scout Turtle Deck v1

    If you build the Mini Scout from plans, the template turtle deck spans 2 tiled pages and tracing it seems silly when you make the model again. Use this template (exactly the same as the original), throw a letter-sized piece of cardstock into your printer and ta-daaa! Simple turtle deck for your...
  2. B

    My FT Versa with the nose job finally gets it's maiden! And the Mini Scout gets off the ground (briefly!)

    A while back I made a video showing how I'd made a 'nose' for a Flight Test Versa, oamboard wing as when the Versa is in pusher configuration it can be difficult to achieve the CoG. Plus I'd added an u/c as I find wings hard to hand launch. Well I finally maidened it the other day. It flew...