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  1. D

    zero successful flights, second plane had a flame or 2

    I scratch built something simple, Old Fogey. Several crashes over the past few weeks while working on CG and today it did a nice arch before impacting the ground. ESC burnt up. It could be that my prop/motor is pointed down too much, not my intent. Hoping for better flights in the future.
  2. M

    Newbie, scared of my versacopter...

    Hi everybody. So I have been watching FliteTest for a few years now, it's what got me into flight. I don't know anyone else in the hobby, so it would be cool to be able to connect with people online. I started with a sport cub, and then an inductrix. I got so excited with the tiny quad, I...
  3. R

    My second but successful flight with my homemade trainer.

    Some of you seen my first video that was successful but short and ended in a crash. But here is it flying much better. https://youtu.be/dsh0CGzqXIs
  4. Desert.Rat

    Aftermath of a Newbe's first FT-22 Flight

    As Josh Bixler likes to say, we want to create father / son memories. Well we did, This is my first RC plane - flew wire plane with my dad (same result) - and wanted to do something fun with my 14 year old during spring break. We ordered all the parts, bought the speed kit, put it all...
  5. B

    Newbee needs HELP!

    I'm an experienced RC flier and (balsa) builder. I gust received the Baby Blender kit and they say, "just go to flitetest.com and download printable plans and instructions. I've been trying, (unsuccessfully) for two evenings to find a spot on the website to do this.:confused: Can any of you...