nitro engines

  1. CraftyPilot

    Cox .049 Model

    Has anyone put a Cox .049 on a foamboard model yet? I've got two working ones laying around and haven't decided on the model to put them in. I'm basically looking for a stable and robust flyer that can carry a small nitro engine. It should be fairly easy to repair and doesn't need to be very...
  2. rightflyer-40t.jpg


    This was my official first ever RC plane when I was teen. It was never flown and sold sometime later b/c I was too scared to fly it.
  3. M

    Solved Valiant Power System

    Can the hangar 9 Valiant be run on the OS Max .46 AX 2 stroke nitro engine? I believe it is a 7.45 cc engine.
  4. A

    Can anyone tell me what this plane is? (N1719M with picks)

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased an old rc nitro pane at a garage sale for a great price. The problem is that I have not clue about how to operate a nitro/gas/glow plane. I have been only flying electric rc aircraft but this plane was such a bargain that i had to get it. I researched the...