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noob tube

  1. PilotSam

    Part 2 build of 200% Experimental Airlines Noob Tube!

    Hey everyone! So today i worked some more on my 200% EA Noob Tube. All that i was able to get done so far today are the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. I made both of them 2 layer thick if foam board for extra strength. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Sysz7c0FA Thanks!
  2. PilotSam

    200% Experimental Airlines Noob Tube

    Hey FT community! I recently started building a 200% version of EA's Noob Tube. It is such a simple airplane, that so far, it has been relatively easy building it in 200%. If anyone has suggestions or comments, feel free to say them! Also, here is the time-lapse build i made of it (just part 1...
  3. T-Richard

    Newbie, pioneer flights pics and videos

    Hi guys, Wanted to share a few of my first flights. Just got into the hobby maybe 2 months ago, love the scratchbuilding. I built an ft Nutball first. I was excited to see it fly but it was pretty awful, looks great in pictures but flew poorly and broke pretty quickly. I moved on to a delta...