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  1. StatiK RC

    Whale Watching with Phantom = Awesome Footage

    This is possibly my favorite video I have shot, but it was ultra stressful to create. Thankfully the weather conditions in San Diego (near La Jolla) that day were as close to perfect as possible. The Whales in the video are grey (gray whatever) whales and the go south to mexico in the winter to...
  2. G

    Jonathan Livingston meets HK Bixler over Bar Harbor, ME!

    http://www.youtube.com/user/goodkebo#p/a/u/1/gwcif3PiS1A My first edited movie! Inspired by the gull. Rocked by the B-52s! Took 6 hours editing to make 5 minute video but I think it came out pretty good. Hope you folks like it. Used my HK Bixler with a Canon Power Shot to film. Plane was...