1. PlanesAndThings


    Pranks! Prank people and make pranks here lol! Here's a prank image that you can use somehow!
  2. PlanesAndThings

    🎄Christmas Thread 2020!🎄 *MEET SANTA!*

    MERRY (slightly early) CHRISTMAS!!!!
  3. PlanesAndThings

    The Most Offtopic Thread Ever in the History of Offtopic Threads

    A very offtopic thread filled with offtopic messages that are very nice very nice offtopic blah post whatever cause offtopic let off steam chill be nice post plans! RULES OF DA THREAD: 1. be happy 2. chill 3. do whatever you want 4. rule 5 5. rule 4 6. ? :) ;) :( :mad: :confused: :cool: :p :D...
  4. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    Coming Soon - A helping hand for the noob

    Coming Soon! Listen in as Matt (FoamyDM) does his best to help Joe jumpstart into the Aviation RC Hobby. We cover our experiences, questions, and try and bring a better understanding so we can all spend more time flying, and less time scratching our heads. :unsure:
  5. FoamyDM

    FliteTest -> D&D: Any Interest?

    Many here who've read my threads have learned of my love of Tabletop Games and RPGs. Specifically in D&D. That's right Dungeons & Dragons. (see my logo/Avatar). I suspect that I am not the only one. I have considered Running an Online game through using Discord for audio, or trying...
  6. ItMightFly

    Free Computer Background Resource(off-topic)