1. Matthewdupreez

    Matthew's Journey Part 1, The bug has bitten, and the dark side!

    it was July 4 2021 when i had my first ever flight with my 130% ft old speedster. since then i have gone through a variety of planes, ft old speedster kaddy (my design, and the plane that taught me how to fly) dr loopin looies opel rak 3 x ft simple scouts 2x f-18 profile jets 1x yak profile...
  2. aslansknight

    I used Elmer's Foam Board

    I used Elmer's Foamboard to make my FT Flyer and FT Bloody Wonder. How much will the extra weight hurt me as I'm learning to fly? Each sheet of Elmers weighs approximately 8 ounces versus 4 ounces for Adam's foam board. Double the weight means double the required lift - so does that mean I'm...