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    NEW VTOL - Vogi 1

    Hi All Check out the new VTOL tiltrotor that does not have tilting actuators - The rotors self tilt using their own thrust visit http://vogi-vtol.com comments/discussions welcome :-)
  2. T

    V-22 Osprey VTOL from BlitzRCWorks

    So, Not a scratch build but I'm using it as a starting platform to customize it and get some expert opinions on making it more stable. http://www.bananahobby.com/5-ch-blitzrcworks-vtol-v-22-osprey-rc-warbird-airplane-arf.html I took it for it's maiden voyage today and managed not to crash it...
  3. G

    V22 VTOL scratch build??

    My first forum post here. Hope I obeyed all the etiquette. :P Just finished my first scratch build, a 4channel mix of a 300s and a Mustang. Still dialing in the CG. Used lots of tips and tricks from here! So thanks all for the inspiration! But it got me thinking, how cool would it be to have a...
  4. E

    Osprey build challenge!

    Hello Flitetest and Hobbyist, I would really like to see an osprey being built in the flite test workshop with the movable moters and bomb bay (Just look it up on the web to see what i mean). PS I found this guy on youtube that might help you get started...