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pan and tilt

  1. FPVAirCombat

    Striving to Fly Formation Like the Thunderbirds (& Blue Angels)!

    I have been flying head-tracking HD FPV going on for 3 years now. Since the start, I have dreamed of flying aerobatic formations like the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds one day. Over the last few months, 4 of my like-minded RC friends have coalesced to form an FPV aerobatic formation team. And...
  2. ServoCity

    15% OFF Sitewide!

    Like our mommas always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Except this Valentine's Day you can choose what you get! February 13th - 14th it's 15% OFF our entire website when you use the code 'iloverobots'! That means 15% OFF your favorite products...
  3. C

    Camera pan and tilt

    I am building a camera housing which i need a GoPro to be able to pan left and right. But….I need to be able to control how far it turns. I do not have the luxury of using a large remote, i.e. need to use something very small like a dial that i can mount to another camera system. I watched the...