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  1. Sunset


    My flying hill is perfect for viewing sunsets.
  2. 20190530_174338.jpg


    Ft spitfire
  3. B

    2nd Quad

    Hey, on here some time ago I was told to get the Syma X1 for my first quad to learn how to fly and get the hang of things. I'm really enjoying this, and would like to start to be able to use a camera now for areal photography and video. I don't have any experience building, and don't want to...
  4. Epic fly guy

    Anyone been using skis???

    Post pictures of your plane and its crafty, clever and awesome ski designs or just you plane on skis
  5. StoneKap

    Show off your FLITE TEST support!

    Post pictures of you and your Flite Test t-shirt, sticker, drawing, tatoo, Photo-shopped photo, etc... Talented hands Brian Fred Carr. Thank you UndCon! Thanks Gorazd Pisanec!