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    Help! Question about AS3X

    Hello, I am newer to the hobby and I got the UMX A-10 and I love the way the flight stabilization works on it. My question then is, if I were to buy a PNP model plane and put a spektrum AS3X receiver into it, would it then fly the same way? Just to clarify I have a switch on my transmitter...
  2. flitetest


    PSA: The Freedom Fox v.2 is FINALLY HERE! -> Bigger Motor, Bigger Esc and better prop give this airplane the next level power you have been looking for! That's not all... if you purchase with the code "FreedomFoxShip" you are going to get free shipping on your...
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    Newest of Newbs TX question

    Been flying toy grade quads for a few months and recently moved up to a XK X350. Still getting used to it but it's a fun quad. I have been getting more and more interested in fixed wing aircraft and am considering buying a trainer to try out. The X6 transmitter which comes with the XK X350 seems...