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power system

  1. Aretaic

    Propping Up for Floats?

    So I'm setting up the FT Simple Cub with a set of floats, I'm curious if the 8045 slow flyer prop is still alright with the extra drag (both in the water and the air) and additional weight. I've been using the B power packs, with the 20A ESC and Emax 2213-935KV, Hyperion 3s 1100Mah batteries...
  2. T

    Power combos for foamies

    I am sold on the Flightest foamie kits, want to build one. This will be my first, so I'd like to keep it simple. Unfortunately, the motor/ESC combos are really really hard to find. Can't get them on Flightest, or anywhere else it seems. They are all sold out. You can buy the individual...