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powered glider

  1. J

    My scratch build powered glider (72" wing-span). Plans and build-video pending

    Hey Guys, I've just attempted by first youtube video presenting a foam scratch build powered-glider that I named the "Big Bird"... of course, after a quick search, that turned out to be a pretty un-inspired name, but I'm keeping it for now. Anyway, I'd love to get feedback, or just generally...
  2. Andre

    2S Soarer

    Something I've testing tomorrow. Specs 60"x10" wing. Simple crease bend/glue 30" fuselage. Adding pieces to make the frame stiff. 350g TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner TowerPro 9g w12A Brushless Speed Controller ZIPPY Compact 500mAh 2S 35C Lipo Pack GWS Style 8040 Propellers HXT500 6.2g / 0.6kg...
  3. B

    New to flying Rc Planes

    Today i decided to buy something that i thought would be easy to learn to fly with. Im not currently at the stage where i want to be able to build the models but i figure i will be soon. Anyway my question is, is the Axion cumulus 200 good for a beginner? I mean bit late now as i have already...
  4. T

    Johnson Powered Glider

    I'm working on a plane that I made as a hand thrown glider into a powered glider. Its a large one for sure and right now I'm doing the math so I know whats right to put on it but I'll update as it goes along. I'm calling it the Johnson in honor of my engineering teacher.