prop selection

  1. M

    Help! Prop Sizing Questions (PLEASE HELP!!)

    For my university project I am calculating the performance of a UAV however I am struggling to calculate the dynamic and static thrust produced by a prop. Which leads me to a couple of questions... 1) When calculating the thrust of a motor with a prop, how do I determine the RPM of the motor...
  2. A

    Help! Quad Copter motor and prop

    So, I'm building my own drone and I'm thinking of using a 4S battery on a 1.5 pound or 700 grams drone. I was going to use a 3S, but it's very hard to find testing on the motors that I am trying to get. So around what kV motor should I be looking for? I've been looking at the Mini Quad Test...
  3. Aretaic

    Propping Up for Floats?

    So I'm setting up the FT Simple Cub with a set of floats, I'm curious if the 8045 slow flyer prop is still alright with the extra drag (both in the water and the air) and additional weight. I've been using the B power packs, with the 20A ESC and Emax 2213-935KV, Hyperion 3s 1100Mah batteries...