prop testing

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    Help! Quad Copter motor and prop

    So, I'm building my own drone and I'm thinking of using a 4S battery on a 1.5 pound or 700 grams drone. I was going to use a 3S, but it's very hard to find testing on the motors that I am trying to get. So around what kV motor should I be looking for? I've been looking at the Mini Quad Test...
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    Multirotor Propeller rules of thumb

    I'm mostly done building one of David's Tricopters and one of the things that still isn't very clear to me is the thought process that goes into prop selection for a particular motor/battery setup. It might become clear when I fly the tricopter and experiment with different props. For...
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    Prop Testing - NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w from HobbyKing

    After watching the FliteTest episode called "Viewer Request Speed Challenge" I decided I was going to scratchbuild my own "FT Versa Wing" and use the same power plant the guys used on this episode to get into the triple digit speeds of over 100mph. From the episode I know that they used the "NTM...