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    FT Spitfire and Mustang - motor question

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and been flying a FT Spitfire and now a FT Mustang. Both seem just a bit underpowered with the NTM 2826 1200kv motor... Running a 3s 2200mah and 9x6E prop. I really want a little more punch so I want to upgrade but I don't have a idea what to look for. I've come across...
  2. M

    NTM 28-30s 800kv stops and starts randomly

    Ok guys im so close to flying this thing! I have one issue to resolve. During motor testing (on quad) my number 4 motor stops and starts randomly both with and without a prop. What could be causing this? Its spins freely, so no mechanical blockage. Im running a kk2.1 thats been set up for v...