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    RC Plane Propulsion Calculations

    So it's the first time I'm trying to build an RC plane and I'm really struggling. It would be really amazing if somebody can nicely advise me (I understand I'm stupid). So, the parameters I have are: Max wingspan of 5ft (estimated wing area = 4.2 ft^2 with a chord length of about 10 inches)...
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    Motor Constraints

    Trying to Find Motor Hi all, This is my first post on this forum (any forum for that matter) and I am pretty new to this rc business. I am currently building a hovercraft for a competition, and am having trouble finding a motor that meets the given constraints. The motor has to be brushed and...
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    Propulsion Systems

    Hi! I'm new and designing an aircraft at my university for a competition. I'm trying to learn more about the math behind propulsion systems (electric motor with prop, not doing anything with gas/glo). Does anyone know some good resources I'm missing out on? One that's been recommended to me is...