1. Tieman

    Short film about my FPV experience

    I was trying to fly much faster then usual. It was fun :)
  2. M

    FPV compilation

    Hi guys if you love FPV as much as I do check this one out and make sure you post your great videos too.
  3. Airwolf

    Air's multicopter project

    Some toys from HK arrived few days ago: Stuff I bought so far: Flight Controller: 2 x HK KK V2 Motors: Hextronik 4 x DT750s, 1 x Turnigy D3530/14 Servo: 1 x HobbyKing 939 Metal Gear servo Gyros: 2 x HobbyKing 401B Props: 6 x APC style 10x5E ESCs: 4 x Turnigy Plush 40A Some wires... I...