1. Snarls

    I Graduated!

    You may or may not know, but I am not the 40 year old man my profile picture suggests I may be. I'm actually one of the younger members on this forum. I have spent the last four years in college and this month I graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. It has been a wild...
  2. R

    Just starting FPV quadcopter freestyle, first real video!

    I'm just getting started with making videos of this type, any feedback would be appreciated!
  3. H

    1st Annual Quad-toberfest Multirotor Extravaganza in Louisiana!

  4. E

    HELP - 250 SIZE QUAD

    Hey guys i am wondering what your PI settings are for your racing quadcopters PLEASE RESPOND thanks :)
  5. J

    FPV RACE (between the flitetest crew)

    love the show, and i have seen almost all of you fly FPV at one point or another. i really liked the video about making a race quad out of the electrohub and recently purchased what ill need to convert my (crashed) tricopter. i find FPV racing fascinating, having a commercial pilots license i...
  6. S

    RacingFPV - First "real" Mini-Quad FPV Race in Canada 2015-02-15

    Here's a recap of the races last weekend in Clinton, put on by RacingFPV.com ... and here are a couple of my vids from the race... ... looking forward to the next race. :)
  7. C

    ReadyMadeRC's FPV Fest 2014 - Official Video Coverage (Flite Test attended)

    Hey All! Here is the official FPV Fest 2014 video I've just finished. Alex and Peter from Flite Fest came out on Saturday for the FPV and LOS racing, and took first place in the LOS open class races with the ReadyMadeRC Lunar Eclipse. Check it out!