racing drone

  1. "Corpse"

    The build begins...

    Ok, just ordered a racing frame for my chase/race quad. This will be my first 5 inch build and I don't have that much $ so I'll have to gradually buy parts for it. Here's the frame. I like the look of the frame and the fact that it has a...
  2. J

    A different RTF Racing Drone - VIFLY R220

    VIFLY R220 is a 100% ready-to-fly FPV Racer, no assembly, no calibration, just fly it out of the box. We employed a brand new unified body design which makes the drone a compact design with an amazing anti-crashing performance. We have also added many smart designs such as a LED display to show...
  3. A

    FT MINI GUINEA PIG Cloudy Day Flying with DJI Phantom and Racing Drone

    Cloudy day flight with our ft mini guinea pig! Hope You Enjoy!
  4. A

    A bit of mini quad fpv fun

    Took a short walk to some local fields with my mini quad to fly a couple of batteries however rain struck and I only got to fly to packs but it was fun while it lasted flying in and out of the hedge line that divides the fields. Hope you enjoy! Setup: Frame: Diatone 250 Motors: Multistar 2204...
  5. _sOnGoKu_

    RoboCat 270 Project DIY - All You need for build your one!

    Hi friends, I'd like to share my experience in the construction of my first racing drone. I've never assembled one before, (so everything is a surprise for me) to get started in the world of drones and after make some search, in my opinion this kit is a perfect base for it. In this thread i...
  6. A

    Chasing a mountain biker with a racing quadcopter

    Having fun chasing a mountain biker with my racing quad! hope you enjoy!
  7. A

    How do you choose your frame?

    As a beginner who just start flying the drone, I do want to know how you guys choose the frame, I mean for the racing drone. Could you please give me some advice please? What size? The lighter the better? Other elements need to be considered? Thanks for answering!!!!