range test

  1. ZXZE

    Turnigy 9X

    the turnigy 9x could only communicate with the reciever within 10 feet only. What could actually be the cause? Pls help
  2. K

    frsky dipole antenna mod and range test

    I've seen various threads on the internet about modding 2.4Ghz receivers to get better range. There have also been very scientific findings posted as to what is and isn't happening. Today I set out to see if I could improve the range on my equipment. Here's what I have done. I have been flying...
  3. Y

    Can you use a 1.3 GHz video transmitter with 2.4 GHz radio control?

    Yes it is possible to safely use 1.3 GHz video for FPV with 2.4 GHz radio control, providing the following rules are followed: Carry out a range test to ensure your video transmitter is not interfering with your 2.4 GHz radio control before you fly. All set-ups are different and will produce...