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    Help! Flying Rc Car

    Hi! I am thinking about trying a project to fly my rc car. I have a power pack C for propulsion and was planning on building the airframe around the rc car so that I could still drive. The car weighs a little less than 6 lbs, and I think the power pack C weights a little over a pound. I think it...
  6. Croom

    RC Car Jump

    What I am doing when not flying RC planes or if it is too windy: Sorry about the quality! My friend edited this on windows movie maker with a crappy camera..
  7. F

    Scratch Building RC Cars

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my scratch build in case anyone else has been temped to do this kind of thing. I've read a lot of posts on other forums from people wanting to scratch build cars but not knowing where to start or if it is even possible at all, I was curious myself. My goal of this...
  8. Croom

    DJI Phantom Drone vs RC Car - Whoah!