rc glider

  1. glideher

    Low Leverl Thermaling with UltraLight Micro DLG glider

  2. bracesport

    Simple Gliders - getting back into foam

    I recently decided to offer my skills to the local college primarily in CAD and design - but along the way, they told me about their Aeronautics club which I also offered to get involved with - they are lucky enough to have a reasonable laser cutter so I suggested we could make some DTFB...
  3. bracesport

    1.0m foam Pitcheron

    hi guys, well, another project popped up over the weekend - there was no wind to maiden my new slippery Pitcheron, so we went to the part with some chuck gliders and a 1.2m foam chuck glider we converted to ailerons and elevator (bank and yank) - I really wanted my son to have a go on the sticks...