rc gliders

  1. Quinnyperks

    Dynaflight daydream build

    Build timeline of dynaflight daydream 2 meter high start glider.
  2. bracesport


    Well, on the back of some great builds in Balsa (especially @rockyboy 's builds) I have been inspired to build one myself - I have picked the SLOPEMASTER which I think it looks awesome - It is an old school design using old school techniques! The first step will be to CAD it up in 3D from the...
  3. bracesport

    my flight log

    My son was born nearly six years ago, and pretty much all free time stopped. I used to work too hard and for me, I really wanted to become a dad-aholic, so it wasn't a sacrifice, but it was a tough adjustment! Roll forward five years and after all the modelmaking with cardboard and hot glue...