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  1. ParkeFlyer

    DJI S800 clone w/ Aluminum case PLUS spare parts - For Sale - New

    --SOLD-- Thanks! I'm selling my new, never flown DJI S800 clone (RcTimer) with the Aluminum carrying case for $sold (+shipping & fees). Several spare parts are also included in the package. The total package retails for $1550. Included in the S800 clone kit: 6x - Arm ( ESC 2-6S 40A ; Motor...
  2. Lubis

    RCTimer brushless camera gimbal

    Hi I'm not sure if this is a multi-rotor topic or a aerial video topic, but here it goes. I'm having some trouble setting up my RCTimer brushless camera gimbal. It super smooth and work in every way, except when I tilt (pitch) it more than 45 degrees down. At about the 45 degree mark it rolls...