receiver problems

  1. waynecollins

    Problems with Receiver on my new Gremlin Build

    I just finished building my Gremlin, following TJ's Build Video. Everything went smoothly until I tried to configure the gremlin with Betaflight Configurator 10.8.0. Using Betaflight I can connect to the controller and the gyro is working fine, pitch/roll/yaw. My controller seemed to be up to...
  2. F

    Help! xm+ receiver not flashing

    hi everyone. ı try to bim my xm+ receiver with my taranis but receiver always has solid red and green lihgts so ı try to flash my receiver but ı always get module not responding error . how can ı fix this problem. ı tried all firmwares for xm+ like lbt or fcc but it didint work. please help me
  3. P

    orange rx r615x (c)ppm problems

    I am using (c)ppm on my orange rx r615x and it will not power on or show the indicator led. I have it hooked up to a kiss fc with signal at the top and ground on the bottom with positive at the middle. Also, does the receiver automatically go into bind mode?