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  1. H

    Beginner series on maneuvers and adverse conditions

    Hello, long time viewer and first time poster here. As I've watched many of the flite test movies (and other rc fliers on YouTube), I've caught several references to particular types of fixed-wing maneuvers and flight conditions -- particularly emergency or recovery sequences -- that many...
  2. Andre

    RC Plane Rescue Mission

    Sunday morning as we were wrapping up the FTAH podcast I got an email from my Dad. He'd gone out the field to fly before me... I am back, lost the skipper at the edge of the bushes, so I will go back after lunch with snow shoes to get it, I have a good idea, but the snow is way too deep...
  3. W

    DIY Multirotor Recovery Parachute System Build [WIP]

    Hello there Pilots! Introduction First things first, I just registered myself to the forum and therefore am not sure if this is the right Forum to post this. Please correct me! So, I just started building myself a 450 sized quadcopter. The quad will be used to do some homebrew aerial...
  4. U

    Recovery Parachutes

    There was the episode a while back with the parachute plane, but I would love to see an episode for Heli, Multirotor, and plane pilots on recovery parachute options, for when things go too wrong to catch, and espeically for multis, since they have the glide path of a homesick rock. I know...