red bull

  1. fliteadmin

    Red Bull Flugtag Design Challenge Contest Rules and Info!

    How to qualify for selection : Subscribe to the Flite Test Emailing list. Create an account on Design the aircraft that YOU would submit for contention in the RED BULL FLUGTAG based on the design parameters set forth by Flite Test: Must be able to be flown RC with either a...
  2. B4500D20-5B8C-4889-ADEA-19463B99D115.jpeg


    My FT Edge complete with an epic paint job!
  3. JGplanes

    Who's going to Red Bull Air Races 2017... Meetup?

    I and a couple of my kids will be at the air races in Indianapolis on Saturday. I have to work in the morning, but we should be there around 1pm. Just wondering if anyone else is going? Would love to hangout with other FT people. We'll be wearing all our FT gear, and I'm thinking about making...