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  1. NickRehm

    Thoughts on FAA restrictions for RC aircraft

    Hi All, Just thinking out loud about the upcoming demise of our hobby as a result of over-regulation due to the rise in self-flying 'drones.' What if a distinction could be made in any of the legislation between RC aircraft and these self-flying drones that anyone can get at walmart? There is...
  2. Maingear

    FAA Inspector Communication Protocol

    I am required to maintain A&P licenses. I specialize in the oversight of regulations associated with maintenance, flight operations, engineering, parts repair/sourcing, training, documentation, getting company policies accepted in place of regulations, vendor interactions, registration and all...
  3. J

    Comments about the FT “Fight for Your Right for Flight!” video with Trappy

    Have you guys read the comments posted on this video's YouTube page? There seems to be quite a bit of hostility directed at Trappy. I noticed FT didn't allow comments to be posted on the FT site for this specific video. What are your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLm9X1Nyw6E