1. bpw823

    August 21st Total Eclipse Flying

    As many already know, the central US is going to experience a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. It usually becomes very dark and eerie and possibly dark enough for LEDs to be visible. I figured it'd be a neat and unique opportunity for a FT episode shot of flying during the event, and...
  2. T

    An idea for an exciting project and/or challenge

    Hello to all, my name is Jeffery! Inspired by this video: I came up with a simple idea for a challenge:•The competitors build drones and or planes •They switch up builds and whoever can do the most damage to the other's aircraft wins Clearly it may...
  3. C

    New Plan Style???

    I am having a very difficult time with the new style of plans. There is never a duplicate piece in the tiled version of the plans meaning I have save my paper or reprint the second side of the wing, spar, or any other duplicate and figure out how to mirror the image for it to work. Could...
  4. M

    3D FPV (Stereoscopic 3D)

    Hi FliteTest. I would like to suggest you guys take a look at the stereoscopic 3D FPV arena, and, if you can figure your way around it, even do a show (or at least an article) on it. It seems still to be a niche thing, but hey - you're into all things flight-related, right :cool: Maybe, to...
  5. T

    X-19 Humming Bird, Where did it go?

    I was surfing through flite test videos and came across one of the first videos with Peter where he showed the X-19 Hummingbird flying (link below). I was wondering if you guys could show how that piece of beauty was put together. Better yet if you guys make it a build video and/or speed-build...
  6. M


    STEM students in the upper elementary and middle school grades are in need of a trainer which can handle a high-wind environment. This plane/design, if developed, will become a stable of a STEM initiative beginning on Oahu which will teach science, tech, engineering, and math through aviation...
  7. M


    This is a request for a new design/plane that can be used in schools: I have a STEM initiative starting up soon which will focus on aviation and aerial robotics. RC airplanes provide a great way to introduce these topics, and will be one of the first units covered. Students and their parents...
  8. B

    SUGGESTION: 3rd person flying

    OK, here´s the idea: Two pilots with planes (you can try multirotors if this won´t work out later). The second plane has FPV and tries to follow the first one as good as possible. Now here comes the tricky part: The pilot of the first plane also is flying off the FPV signal of the following...
  9. A

    episode request about motors and batteries

    I have a request, as someone getting into the hobby. I am often overwhelmed by the numbers being thrown around. I know that you guys give battery and motor recommendations for the planes you test. but what about an episode on how you chose the right battery and ESC for the motor. Or how to chose...
  10. P

    Pilon racing

    I would really love the flight test guys to do some fast pylon racing with your swappables or scratch built racers, high speed, huge banking, and a high chance of things goings bad, what more would you want for a fun day with friends :D
  11. SkySlayer

    Request For New(female) Member.

    Hy guys I am starting this thread to act more like a poll than anything else and also so you can explain your views on this: FLITETEST should have a "Hot Chic" as a co-host. In one of my previous threads, the topic got...well... "off topic" and ended up at the fact that people would like to see...