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    Converting RP-SMA Male to SMA Male connection

    So, I recently got myself the FatShark Recon V3 Goggles. They are great and work really good with my Whoop when I fly in close a perimiter. Now I want to change the default linear antenna to a different one I have lying around. The problem is the connector. My question is now If it is possible...
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    SMA RP-SMA LHCP RHCP information needed.

    Hello All: My first post on this site, awesome place! I am using Boscam 5.8 FPV RX and TX and I'm trying to understand how it all goes together, read about 2000 posts. So we have FatShark (immersion) using SMA and Boscam (Chinese) using RP-SMA, is that correct? Are these just connectors styles...