rubber power

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    Mini maxer!
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    My dad's Red Coat makes a perfect climb as the 20in prop swings at an incredibly low rpm!
  3. FMGough

    Rubber Band Powered FT Plane?

    So recently I have been building a lot of chuck gliders with my two boys to fly around in our backyard. Thanks Nerd Nic for your awesome plans. And I began thinking, what if we could take an FT design and fly it using rubber bands? So I selected the FT Simple Cub as my airframe to experiment...
  4. TooJung2Die

    Guillows SE5a Kit 202 Rubber Power to RC Conversion

    I haven't built a Guillows kit in over 45 years. The last Guillows kit I built as a boy was this SE5a. It was rubber powered and covered with the green tissue that came in the kit. I remember it wasn't a great flier. The rubber and prop didn't have enough thrust for it to climb well. The landing...
  5. TooJung2Die

    Contest Commercial - Old Timer Rubber Free Flight to RC Conversion

    Odd name for an airplane. It's a 1930's era rubber powered design. Project #5 in "Air Youth of America" organization of the same period. I got it from Penn Valley Hobby Center. They closed their store after 50+ years in business. They were selling their remaining stock on eBay. It was a...
  6. FAI-F1D

    Rocket Designs and other free flight fun

    Following the many favorable comments, I'm succumbing to the demand for more details on swing wing rocket glider designs. Following completion of an article for publication in this year's Free Flight Symposium, I'll be converting the information into a format that is usable here, probably as a...