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  1. TooJung2Die

    Guillows SE5a Kit 202 Rubber Power to RC Conversion

    I haven't built a Guillows kit in over 45 years. The last Guillows kit I built as a boy was this SE5a. It was rubber powered and covered with the green tissue that came in the kit. I remember it wasn't a great flier. The rubber and prop didn't have enough thrust for it to climb well. The landing...
  2. Vlad

    Flyzone S.E.5a success and failures

    So I decided that for $70 I couldn't pass up the chance to start flying with a WWI warbird. I have flown full sized planes before and had been playing combat simulators since I was a wee tot and figured that if I could handle flying anything from a Sopwith Camel to a Spitfire, even a Corsair...