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    i'm new :D

    Hi there ppl, i have a question. I'm planning to build the FT Mighty Mini Arrow but the power packs are out of stock. Dos some one knows how long it is gonna take to the restock? so i can order the complete package? :DDD Thnx.
  2. B

    Flitetest Foamboard - when will it be available ?

    Hey Guys, since Podcast #49 I´m really excited since Josh announced, that Flitetest will be selling DTF as Flitetest Foamboard. They want to sell it with various distributers. So comparable with the HK Warehouses you can order from a place nearby you (all around the world). This would be real...
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    Flitetest Shop Orders

    I have ordered from the flitetest store a few days ago and when i click on "my orders" only my previous orders come up. Not my new one, when i try and pay again it says Already paid this invoice, please contact merchant. Will my order still go through? Thanks Piers