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  1. kah00na

    Yaw Over Compensates on a Mini Tricopter

    I've been flying a mini tricopter with a KK2.1.5 board and it has been awesome. A while back I built an identical one but used a Naze 32 board. It always felt sluggish until I read that the "Rate" settings in CleanFlight has the same affects as "Stick Scaling" on the KK2 board. What a...
  2. kah00na

    Simplecopter Mini Tricopter vs Mini Quad Discussion

    450 & 550 tricopters were real popular even when people were building similar sized quadcopters. Now all the rage seems to be about miniquads. Why aren't mini tricopters like Matt Hall's mini tricopter catching on? He's using SunnySky's with 6045 propellers and it seems to be able to lift a...