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  1. D

    How to use a DXE with Freerider

    So I have Smartpropoplus installed and it's sort of seeing input from the DXE when have it plugged into my computer and so is Freerider but Freerider sees the right joystick as the left and vice-versa. I'm just wondering if this cable...
  2. J

    Newbie RC and Flight Sims

    Just a post for the newbies who are searching. I just purchased RealFlight 7.5 to use before crashing my homebuilt tri copter. This software is a little expensive but well worth the cost since myself and my video addicted boys crashed the simulated craft a lot! We also flew the tri copter...
  3. S

    Getting Hobbie King HK-T6A V2 controller to work with an simulator

    Hello, I would like to practice flying with an simulator before going to flitefest. I'm running windows 8. I have an usb able that connects to the radio but it shows up on com 6. I tried to get it to work with RC Desk Pilot but no success because it can not see that com 6 port. Any suggestion...
  4. F

    How 'real' is a simulator?

    RC flight is a hobby that I have been wanting to partake in for a very long time, and after finding Flite Test I decided to abandon my previous apprehension, spend some money and get a simulator to start with. I decided to get Phoenix 4 with the Spektrum Dx5e, and I after a few days I have...