slow flyer

  1. Matthewdupreez

    Plane Slow Flyer V1.2! V1.2

    As a combined effort, I took the plans from @sundown57 original resource and (With his permission) Updated and upgraded them, this plane should be a really good fpv plane for flying around buildings and trees. "This plane is a very easy build and will fly Super slow as is at 100%, however, I...
  2. ramarao

    Diy slowfly rc plane build

    Hi this my new scratch build rc plane. 1200mm wing span i used to 5mm depron. electronics: 1000kv motor 30A esc 1300mah 3s battery 10inch slowfly prop
  3. G

    Yet another NOOB with questions

    Greetings all. I have been trying for a while to build a couple of foamies which were first, the "Snowball" and lately the "Cheap N Easy". I have had no luck yet getting either to fly so I have decided to build my first kit plane so as to get some experience and flying time under my belt so to...
  4. S

    Need suggestions for a scratchbuild for a 700KV motor.

    Hello Everyone, I have a 700KV motor that flies great with an 11" or a 10" prop. I tried this on the Swappables Nutball, and after I got control of it (barrel rolling from to much torque) it did fly great. The problem is I can't see that my 10 year old son could recover from the crazy results...
  5. S

    Slow Stick

    Hey, Can you guys do a episode about slow stick scratch build. I am sure like me there are gonna be a lot of people out there who want to do a nice slow stick as their first scratch build. Thanks, Sid
  6. S

    Slow stick

    Hi Guys, I am new to flying and wanted to build a slow stick flyer with a square carbon fiber and some foam. Does anyone have any good plans for the plane I can use. Thanks, Sid