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  1. cdfigueredo

    Help! Smoke Generator(Powder) for RC electric planes

    Hello everyone! Some time ago I saw this video by chance on the internet and it caught my attention because I've been looking to do something similar for a long time. The video prototype works quite well but has a lot of room for improvement. Powder output is not radio-controlled Air intake...
  2. voipmonkey

    Red Brick 30A Fire !!!!! Be Warned !!!!

    Hi Guys found some old red brick esc's in the RC Stash and thought i would try and stick the simon K firmware on them. Found a thread that explained they could be flashed no problem. I used the lazyzero flash tool and downloaded the tgy.hex onto one of them. No Problem... powered up and no...
  3. G

    Turnigy 9X fried / reverse polarity

    Hi, I could use some help. I bought a Turnigy 9X transmitter along with a 11.1v lipo that I intended to use to replace the AA battery pack that comes with it. Stupid me, I disconnected the AA battery pack and connected my lipo, turned on the transmitter and instantly had heard a pop and saw a...