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    Help! Question about AS3X

    Hello, I am newer to the hobby and I got the UMX A-10 and I love the way the flight stabilization works on it. My question then is, if I were to buy a PNP model plane and put a spektrum AS3X receiver into it, would it then fly the same way? Just to clarify I have a switch on my transmitter...
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    Spektrum DX8 V DX 8 (Gen 2)

    Hello FliteTest Community, I am in a small dilemma when choosing between the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 1) and the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 2), the biggest difference is the price (The Gen 1 is AU$200 and Gen 2 which is Au$400-Au$500). And is it better to get the newer version to "future proof"? Cant wait for...