spruce goose

  1. FoamyDM

    Plane Foamy Spruce Gosling 1.0

    This Football field wing-span plane had held the world record as the larges plane the Movie the Aviator documented the life of its creator Howard Hughes... the H-4 Hercules mockling called the Spruce Goose, a name it will be forever known by: I have built this craft and know that it will...
  2. FoamyDM

    Spruce Gosling by FoamyDM

    THE BLOODY GOOSE IS DESIGNED! After scaling it to 3" blades with the intent of quick and easy build, I realize the bloody build style doesn't allow for boat plane building... I kept on anyway. This "tiny" plane is enormous. at this scale it is still a 52" wingspan, 35" long and 4 boards, way...