1. Hvon11

    Aura 5 SRXL2 Setup and Telemetry Tuning

    I just updated my Spektrum DX6 to Airwave version and the TextGen telemetry option has been eliminated. I do see the Aura 5 on the DX6 monitor and can see the gain settings for all 3 Flight Modes. However, I can’t get into the Aura 5 tune mode by flipping the Flight Mode switch 3 to 4...
  2. CustomRCMods

    Help! FT Gremlin/SPM4650 SRXL2 RX Help

    Hey guys - Just picked up a gremlin off @Grifflyer, looking for some assistance setting it up with my Spektrum SRXL2 Rx. It doesn't pop up in the protocol drop down in betaflight, and I cant get the RX to talk to the FC Properly. It is wired up correct and binds to my dx6 just fine. Im a veteran...