1. Flyingshark

    Part FT Tutor Main Gear Support 1.0

    This is a 3D-printed version of the main gear support for the FT Tutor, which is the only plywood/plastic part required for the taildragger version. (The tricycle gear has a couple pieces for the nose gear that I haven't tried to print yet.) I printed mine out of PLA with 100% infill, and it...
  2. Mzaher

    Part FT Scout XL Dummy engine 1.0

    First shot at making 3D models and not sure why the STL files are not exactly the same size (KB). They're the same just mirrored the exhaust. Not too bad but the thru-holes for the BBQ skewers are a little bit big. not a friction fit. Also new at 3D printing and have not yet figured out the...
  3. JimCR120

    Ultimaker Cura 3D Printing Software

    I was given a 3D printer, the CR-10 which is also on the forum, as an early Christmas present from my youngest son. It seems he did his homework as the reviews claim it is currently the best at its price. With it came some essential software, the Cura slicer. As I learn about 3D printing I...