swap meet

  1. uLightMe

    Swap Meet at Flite Fest East 2017

    I wonder how complicated it would be to organize a swap meet at the FFE (Flite Fest East)? Would there be any interest in trading your "slightly used" bits and bobs? Would there be legal issues? Wold it be in conflict with the FT Store on site? hmm... thoughts?
  2. W

    Chicago Area Tri Village Swap Meet

    Anyone planning to attend the Tri Village swap meet on 2/7 and want to shake hands? Might be a good opportunity to meet other FT fans! http://trivillagerc.com/news.php
  3. B

    NNPRCC Swap Meet, Newport News VA, 11 Feb 2012

    Newport News Park RC Club hosts our 8th Annual Swap Meet. Biggest swap meet in S.E. Virginia! 70 + tables. Date: Feb 11th, 2012 Location: Immanuel Baptist Church – 69 Saunders Rd, Newport News, VA Start Time: Doors open for set-up at 8Am – 9AM Open to the Public General Admission: $5.00...