tbs crossfire

  1. G

    Help! Hi and HELP please

    Well, I am finally online with you all. I volunteered at FlietFest2021 and will be back this year. I hope to maiden my brand new FT Tiny Trainer with my new RadioMaster TX16s, BUT I have a small problem. My transmitter came with the TBS CROSSFIRE MICRO TX V2 STARTER SET which includes three...
  2. Roandb

    Rubbish FPV video on TBS Unify Pro

    Recently added a few parts to an existing FPV build. New motors and 4s to 6s battery jump. All of a sudden my FPV video is rubbish, very low penetration and I got a max of 700ft open field test (sounds far but it’s really not). I’m running a TBS unify pro at 500mw with a TBS triumph pro on the...